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FJ Camera Armor


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Tired of seeing about 60% field of view (FOV) out of your FJ's backup camera? Don't like your stock tire cover but don't want to see the ugly camera housing exposed when you remove it?

We were too so we came up with Camera Armor. Not only does Camera Armor look better and provide a 100% FOV out of your backup camera but it also has a hidden bracket mounting system so you can mount a GoPro, antenna or light in the protective area of your spare!

As with our winch mount bumpers, we provide this to you in bare .125" thick steel. You can paint, powdercoat or whatever makes you happy. The aluminum end cap is anodized clear to protect the aluminum from the weather and keep it looking good. Hardware mounts flush and is stainless steel.

The camera armor body is 4" in diameter and will fit all 106mm (4.17") hub ID aluminum and steel wheels except for some TT/TRD/TTUE wheels. Check yours before ordering. Seems there is a ridge in the hub of some wheels that give the center cap something to snap in to. This ridge prohibits fitment of the cam armor.

NOTE: 2 customers have informed us that it works fine with this 17" TRD Pro wheel as pictured below.

We now offer powder coat options. Select your color above or leave as is to receive as bare steel. The black, silver and OD green are our textured Teflon infused formulas as offered on our bumpers and shackles.

When you select the "Powder Coat" option this color will apply to the main body and filler bracket. The two 'T' brackets will be uncoated as you may/will need to drill, bend or weld them. The screws will remain stainless.

The aluminum cap is anodized silver by default. If you wish to have it powder coated to match the body exactly then select that option as well.

Otherwise, paint or coat as you wish, you can also paint the aluminum cap, make it yours.

Installation is simple, pull off your spare wheel/tire, slide the camera armor over the studs and reinstall your wheel. Done. You can then leave it with the filler bracket or swap out brackets without removing the wheel again.

When you purchase Camera Armor you will receive:

  • Camera Armor body
  • Aluminum end cap/bracket mount
  • Filler bracket (does not protrude from under the cap but fills the slots so it doesn't collect dirt/water)
  • Extended bracket with no accessory holes drilled. (you can bend, drill and cut to your heart's desire)
  • 2 x stainless steel flat allen head screws (1/4" x 20)

Install and use docs.

  • Model: FJCA
  • Manufactured by: US Off Road


Shane Premeaux
5 of 5 Stars
This product fits great. The fit is very percise. The main problem is preping it for paint. I spend several minutes cleaning it with alcohol, the light sanding with 400 grit sandpaper. The more cleaning with alcohol. I took it all apart and painted the parts separately as to help prvent rust. The front cap and screws are not bare metal but the rest is. I spray paint with primer (Krylon) three coats inside and three caots outside. I put the camera armor together and gave it two more light coats of satin black Krylon paint. To insure the paint had dryed thoroughly I waited until the next day to install the camera armor. With the heavy wheel off I slowly rocked the camera armor back and forth until it was about 1/2" from the wheel bracket and then I put the wheel out and slowly tightened the three screws each a little at a time until the camera armor was fully seated on the bracket and then I tightened the 3 lugs. The results were great. However if they offered it already finished with a


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