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US Speedo Speedometer LED Upgrade Kit (Solder on)


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-LED direct replacements

-solder and replace

-Up to 50% Brighter

-Runs Up to 75% Cooler

-More efficient than regular bulbs

-Crisp, dramatic lighting effects

-No “Hot Spots” in lighting

-Specially designed to work in automotive speedometers

-Step by Step Instructions are included

-Needle Removal tool is included

-Several custom colors available

-Super Bright LEDs produce a crisp, more vibrant light than traditional bulbs


About Us Speedo’s LED Dash Kits:

US Speedo has designed the proper LED and LED combination to upgrade your Truck/ SUV dash to best lighting available with easy steps for installation. Kit includes 25 LEDs for complete speedometer, kit lights up Blue, Green, Red or white.


Incandescent bulbs are old-tech. They are extremely inefficient, generating far more heat than light, and burn out at random. Upgrade your incandescent bulbs to US Speedo’s cool-running LEDs. Us Speedo’s LEDs are so long-lived, odds are you'll never need to replace one for the life of your vehicle. Choose wilder color while you're at it, too.


There are three styles of bulbs: the simplest is twist-in, a direct replacement for the twist-in bulbs used on the instrument panel of many older vehicles. The other two styles require soldering to the cluster's circuit board. All are direct replacements for the original bulbs in your vehicle. Each kit has specific instructions for your vehicle.


About US Speedo:

Located in Flint Michigan, US Speedo® is the leading manufacturer of OEM quality gauge restyling products. From simply repairing speedometers, they began to supply converted gauges for people who wanted to import metric-gauged cars into the USA, which requires MPH, not KPH speedos. That small market transitioned into nation-wide orders for unique restyled color gauges on most popular vehicles! Soon after, they invented and patented the stainless steel gauge face, which has evolved into even more dramatic designs such as the Aqua Edition, Stealth and Aqua Mariner. US Speedo also pioneered the popular designer New Key Fob shells, which are sold nation-wide.

Models: Variety-check "find your vehicle section" before ordering

  • Model: LED120
  • Manufactured by: US Speedo

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