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Pure FJ Standard Duty Sliders

Steven Lang
Added these to my 2014 build and they made all the difference on and off the trail. I had them Rhino-Lined to add a tough look, don't scrape your shin or else. Great protection to the body when off camber and easy bolt up install, did it myself which was a tad difficult, but possible. *Great Buy!...

AMI Stubbie Black 12" Antenna

Steven Lang
Looks great, easy install, same reception as stock antenna. Only downside fixed design creates a light whistle at high speeds, noise can be flushed out by radio....

FJ Cruiser Projector Headlights with Halo - Black

Austin Rice
Melted headlight bulb plug after not even a month. And aren't bright at all

FJ Cruiser Roll-top Console Cover Insert - Borrego with Silver Satin Aluminum Slats

Anthony Warrington
Innovative idea with great results. I chose the aluminum and black to match the contrasting scheme I have inside my black FJ. The extra aluminum I have goes well with it. The black plastic is more shiny than the regular plastic in the FJ plus the grain is slightly larger. I hope to tone the gloss down with a dose of low gloss polish/cleaner only on the console. Install was very easy, time will tell if it holds... I expect it to. It installed differently than I expected. Not having an installed picture from the rear left me to believe the whole thing would fit inside the console, it does not. It wraps around the back as well. The roll top function is mostly smooth. Hopefully this will get broken in over time. I plan to use a silicone lubstick / or graphite powder on all of the moving surfaces to help it.

Overall, I am very pleased with this product and it looks and functions as expected. Helps to hide a lot of stuff I toss in there....

FJ Cruiser Above Visor Storage Shelf - BLACK

Dave Hargrave
Installation is a breeze. It DOES NOT interfere with the airbags. The required holes for anchor installation in the headliner are above the airbags. It is really sturdy and hold a lot a items (two pistols, gloves, chargers, flashlight, and other miscellaneous items. I put cabinet liner on the bottom to keep stuff from sliding. Great product!...

Pure FJ Standard Duty Sliders

Anthony Herald
My first upgrade after purchasing a 2010 Iceberg was to communicate with Pure and I then made the purchase. Then I took the sliders to a power coating place and they look awesome. Installation was easy, no drilling and alignment was perfect, also installed the brake line routers. The main reason to purchase the sliders was ease in entering the FJ. With 3 inches of lift I can now step into the cab easily.
Really happy with my purchase!
Ateamnm - New Mexico...

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