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Pure FJ Standard Duty Sliders

Anthony Herald
My first upgrade after purchasing a 2010 Iceberg was to communicate with Pure and I then made the purchase. Then I took the sliders to a power coating place and they look awesome. Installation was easy, no drilling and alignment was perfect, also installed the brake line routers. The main reason to purchase the sliders was ease in entering the FJ. With 3 inches of lift I can now step into the cab easily.
Really happy with my purchase!
Ateamnm - New Mexico...

WeatherTech FJ Cruiser Side Window Deflectors - Front & Rear Set

Reanin Whippie
I have had these for about a month now, and I have had two incidents where they almost flew off. I got out of my car and went to check on them, and one of the back ones was just barely stuck on. And today, when I rolled down my window (in a parking lot, thank goodness) the front one just popped right out and fell. I don't know how people get these to stay.. I love the look but I'm not willing to permanently attach them by other means, so it looks like I'll have them until I lose them!...

Demello X-Wing Sliders for FJ Cruisers

Scott Talochino
while strong and give the truck a distinctive look they fail in the rust category. I contacted demello and was told it was an issue with putting the rivets in to hold the aluminum plates on. Less than a year after install they started with rust bubbles and now after a few years I am looking to drill out the aluminum, sand blast and have them powder coated correctly. If you dont mind rust they are really strong...

FJ Cruiser Lower Shock Skids

Trevor Harris
I guess they would be cool of they fit. Im running sway away suspension and they wont fit the ball end of my shock. Too small. They need to say if it will work with aftermarket suspension or not. I took a chance and they wont work for me. Too bad....

2007-2009 FJ Fender Apron Splash Shields

Michael Hammerbacher
Simple to figure out and attach using the new pins, and you do need new ones since you'll snap off the old ones. If your old aprons are getting worn out you really should replace them since they're protecting your engine compartment and brake lines....

FJ Cruiser Matte Black Hood Decal

Michael Hammerbacher
I agree with the first review on here. It' doesn't line up very well but you can do well enough for it to be okay. Do not expect precision. Take your time and have two people and get the corners lined up first. The front edge line of decal will be slightly concaved in comparison to the line of the hood, but not terribly noticeable. I use a shower squeegee and a needle to get air bubbles out and a blow dryer to seal the edges. My windshield spray nozzles were not ejecting with ease and broke one, so be prepared to have new ones....

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