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Complete Kit - Trail Teams Edition Full Black Out 2007-2014


Please note that due to the popularity of these items, some pieces may be on backorder and cause a delay in shipment. We make every effort to get these shipped ASAP, but can't guarantee a delivery date.

Click one and done! Change all of the silver parts on your FJ to Black just like the Trail Team Editions!

This includes:

  • 1 - Front Valance of front bumper
  • 1 - Rear Valance of rear bumper (no notch for hitch)
  • 1 - Front Grille
  • 2 - Door Handles & Lock Covers
  • 1 - Driver Side Mirror
  • 1 - Passenger Side Mirror
  • 1 - Front Bumper Right Wing
  • 1 - Front Bumper Left Wing
  • 1 - Rear Bumper Right Wing
  • 1 - Rear Bumper Left Wing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are they OEM Toyota Parts?
A: YES! They are manufactured by Toyota and ship from a Toyota Dealership direct to your door.

Q: Are they painted black?
A: NO! All of the parts ever produced were molded BLACK. Then painted silver to match the concept vehicle. These part are molded BLACK.

Q: Are the instructions included?
A: NO! Toyota does not offer these parts for sale to the general public for cosmetic upgrades. They are sold assuming that a qualified Toyota mechanic will be doing the installation. If you need assistance, YouTube has a plethora of videos showing how the parts can be removed or installed. If you don't know how to work YouTube, you can try your luck at our online manuals.

Q: How much to ship to my zip code?
A: Add the parts to the cart and when you go to the cart, there is a shipping estimator.

Estimated Shipping dimensions: 24x12x12 #18, 30x14x10 #15, 50x10x8 #14

Please note that during shipping, there are tabs on the backside of the grille that may get bent or broken. Do you worry about this as they serve no purpose once the grille is installed. We generally remove these anyway before installing the grille as they can make it difficult to install if you have a grille guard or winch in the way. This is what the tabs look like:

  • Manufactured by: Toyota

Jack Grennan
5 of 5 Stars
All genuine toyota parts! Exact fit and very easy to swap out all parts on your FJ

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