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Orange Boxx Full Fold Down Rear Door PSD ECO

Starting at: $598.98

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Tab Color

Tab Type

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Tab Style

Gate Customizing

Table Top

PLEASE NOTE! There is an 8-10 week build time for this part. Please plan accordingly.

In this listing for our fold-down tables. We have taken a lot of the options out. This is the economy listing for them. The base is as pictured below. The box on the top is for up to 12 letters or silhouettes. The FJ cruiser tag along the top can be customized both in what it says and in colors.


Options will include

Base color cost: We have 21 stock colors we carry. You can choose from those or You can pick from over 3000 colors from the links on this page.

You can choose to have the base in one color and the Gate (Molle part) in another color. In the option list.

When the gate (molle part) is closed it sticks out into the rear cargo area by 3.25 inches.

Designed to take a beating and operate every time you open the Molle Gate.

The base plate does not have to be the same color as the gate. The choice is yours.

  • Get your gear off the floor
  • For fist and molle bag mounting.
  • Panels are CNC laser cut with the distinctive Molle / Fist pattern.
  • Works with standard NATO Molle patterned bags and pouches to add a variety of storage and organization options to your vehicle.
  • This does require drilling into your door panel.
  • Solid mount into the handle mount area. We supply all hardware for installation.

Once everything is approved you will receive a Build sheet from us.

Tab Type: This tab is all about what you want your fold-down to say about you. We mean this in the truest meaning.

FJ - FJ done in the FJ font (please do not ask for this font. It is not one for it.


FJ cruiser - In the FJ cruiser font


Toyota - Toyota in a block style font.


Full custom - You have a 15.75 x 1.875 window to place what you want in it. Shown is Glen in a picked font. But you are not limited to letters.


Do you just want in a LLCO format? meaning in a stencil style? letters or images fall out to make it readable?

Cutout (LLCO) : Letter logo cutout. The area will have a negative cutout of your letters or logo.





Letter Logo with backing color plate up to 2 colors (LLCOBP) it is the same as above but with color added to it.



Letter Logo Embedded adding colors (LLEM) we can add up to 6 colors with this option. This option will push your lead time out to 13 weeks.



We will NOT be accepting any DXF or Vector art from others. Those files will do us no good as they are not made within our own parameters and would have to be completely redone. If you are wanting to use someone else's logo we will require written proof from the owner of that design to use it on our racks.

Our Color Chart Links

This option is only for coloring the top tab area. Mix and match it to your taste. Make it mild to wild!

Matte black is included in the price. To change colors follow these links.

Stock color choice We have 21 stock colors we keep in stock. Included in pricing. Matte Black or one of these 21 colors.

Your Color Choice Up to 3000 colors we can order for your taste. Please see the Terms and conditions in making this choice. YCC Terms

Color Options:

For either color you pick please give the RAL code and the name of the color. In the correct box ask on the right of your screen.

What we are talking about here is the Base color (the part that mounts to the door)

The gate (Molle part) Folding molle table part.

We can color both of these parts the same color or color them 2 different colors.

We are asking the next 2 fill out boxes with the color you are wanting to go with. Both boxes are required to answer even if they are both the same.

On the back of the gate (Molle area) is flat and able to attach a table top to. This can be ordered later for your fold down.

Table Top Options:

No Table (NTT) No table top. This option is included in the base price.

HDPE (HDPE) (hard food grade plastic)

  • Rounded edges
  • Rounded corners
  • Easy to maintain
  • Black only

Stainless steel (SST) Stainless steel 16ga. Rolled on edges and welded. Natural in color on the back. This is the part you will see through the gate holes.

Stainless steel color match(SSTCM) Stainless steel 16ga. Rolled on edges and welded. Colored matched to gate color.

Stainless steel

  • Great for food prep and many other uses.
  • Easy cleanup
  • Will not rust
  • Easiest to maintain

Cutting Board wood (WD) (+$350.98) .375" thick. Made with the following materials. Maple, walnut, and cherry. Wood cutting boards have to be oiled just like your cutting board at home.

  • Food prep in style.
  • Cutting board woods
  • Elegance


We use only the best. We use quik latch products. These buttons carry a lifetime guarantee. If over the lifetime of our product these fail, simply return the parts. We will ship you out a new part.

These are not cheap Chinese knockoffs of an original US-patented part. These are used in space crafts to race care and expensive exotic cars.

We start out with the buttons and suds that are manufactured through quik latch. The buttons are in high-grade aluminum. The studs are made to our specs for your fold-down.

This guarantees a strong latching point that the gate will not fail in opening when you have not pushed the button. Once you are finished using the table you can simply soft close it. it is latched.


  • Model: ECO-FJ-FRD-FD-
  • Manufactured by: Orange Boxx

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