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MotoRad Locking Gas Cap THREADED


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MotoRad fuel caps are designed and manufactured to prevent fuel loss primarily through evaporation. Additionally, MotoRad non-locking and locking caps are designed for easy opening and closing by all drivers, including people with smaller hands. They prevent fuel vapor leakage from the filler neck, which is a major source of hydrocarbon emissions, and play a major safety role in preventing the flow of fuel from the tank filler neck when a car is in an accident, including rollovers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Protects your fuel from theft and vandalism
  • Integrated ratchet system promotes positive closure
  • Passes all state and federal emissions tests
  • Manufactured from durable, long-life materials
  • Reduces air pollution with proper sealing and venting
  • Independently tested for emission control
Motorad Locking Cap Installation Instructions
  • Twist the cap to the right until it clicks or it comes to a stop.
  • While holding the cap, insert the key and turn it to the right about a half a turn until the key can be removed.
  • When the cap spins freely, you will know the cap is locked and your fuel is protected.

There may be times when you do not want to lock your fuel cap. A competitive advantage of the MotoRad locking cap is that it can be used in the locking or non-locking position. When the key is turned to the left and removed, the cap is unlocked and no longer spins freely.

  • Model: MGC791
  • Manufactured by: MotorRad

Nicholas Viegas
5 of 5 Stars
Good product, does the job well... Perfect fit....
Nelson LiCalsi
5 of 5 Stars
locking gas cap is a great buy for city living. Won't set off your check engine light.

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