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FJ Cruiser Matte Black Hood Decal


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This hood graphic is cut precisely to contour the top portion of your hood. It's functional purpose is to reduce glare from rooftop lights at night or the sun during the day and on coming traffic light. Made from high quality premium cast vinyl 2mil rated at 5-7 years outdoor before any fading will occur (will last the life of the vehicle if garaged and maintained).

There are many YouTube videos showing how to install this product and even a few Forum Posts. Be sure to use a lot of water during install to avoid premature sticking.


  • Manufactured by: Pure Auto Parts


Michael Hammerbacher
2 of 5 Stars
I agree with the first review on here. It' doesn't line up very well but you can do well enough for it to be okay. Do not expect precision. Take your time and have two people and get the corners lined up first. The front edge line of decal will be slightly concaved in comparison to the line of the hood, but not terribly noticeable. I use a shower squeegee and a needle to get air bubbles out and a blow dryer to seal the edges. My windshield spray nozzles were not ejecting with ease and broke one, so be prepared to have new ones.
Robert Miller
2 of 5 Stars
The decal is not really the same dimensions as the hood. I lined this thing up as best as it can get and is off in the same spots on both front corners and just folds over the front corners. you cant back it up because then it wouldn't match the front line. its just off. I chalk this up to the hood dimensions being so hard to duplicate but whatever. not the greatest but oh well. it looks decent enough but if your a bit an4L this might not be for you.


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