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Sprint Booster V.3 Toyota FJ Cruiser 07-14 - FREE SHIPPING!


Vehicles in the 21st century have replaced the more conventional throttle cable technology for an ECM(Electronic Control Module) that translates pedal travel into electronic signals in order to provide power to the wheels. The ETC system (Electronic Throttle Control) – also known as drive-by-wire –has the unfortunate downside of delayed throttle response and subdued acceleration, creating problems in certain circumstances such as up-hill starts, quick gear changes, overtaking, etc. The Sprint Booster aims to over come this throttle response delay for ETC-equipped vehicles, providing crisp on-tap acceleration at the driver's disposal.

Sprint Booster might very well be the "smartest" gadget on your car. It is a device that improves acceleration by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal provided by the ETC's potentiometer, and providing the ECM with a new and altered signal.

The design of the SprintBooster allows for its easy installation in all models, without the need to cut any wires (plug n' play) or intervene in the automobile's electronics (it does not affect other systems such as electronic injection, ABS, etc.).

Sprint Booster connects on the accelerator pedal connector. All you need to do is disconnect the OEM connector from the accelerator pedal and connect Sprint Booster in between (one side connects to the pedal and one side on the OEM connector).

Sprint Booster is aimed at all drivers with ECT-equipped cars, who are after a safer and more exciting automotive experience.

  • At low revs, the engine responds at approximately half the time in comparison to before.
  • The delay time whilst accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear and the engine in the mid-range,is almost zero.
  • Big differences in the higher rev range.
  • Improved response for down shifts and safer overtaking.
  • Overall safety and more fun on the road!

Installation photos

Note: Please check stock status before ordering. Most FJ's will order this part no. unless the FJ is an international FJ. For all international FJ's please take a photo of the plug for the pedal. We need to see the pin. Forward the photo and we'll ship the appropriate part. Thank you.

What others are saying:
The Sprint Booster is fantastic. It does exactly what I was looking for. You no longer have to mash the go peddle like a crazy person to get the rig to roll out. Should have been this way from the factory.

I believe it has somehow also improved the transmission shifts. no sloppy gear hunting nonsense. If it needs to drop down when accelerating, it does firmly, accelerates and shifts to the next gear.

it will take a little to get used to it and use the sprint booster to also save fuel, bc quicker launches and the quicker you get out of the throttle also save fuel. Not that it matters to most, but the FJ taking forever to accelerate sucks the juice down...

IMHO overall, a nice quick mod that electronically changes the go peddle ratio, and relieves a bit of right foot fatigue. yup a bit pricey, but electronics and parts from overseas (made in Greece I believe) probable have their taxes and tarrif`s in the price... just commerce...

it is a quick installation, select mode thru the switch, and drive!

Andy V.
North Carolina

  • Model: SBTO1013S
  • Manufactured by: Sprint Booster

Paul Pinajian
5 of 5 Stars
The product installed in less than five minutes and it works great I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend it
Jack Alexander
5 of 5 Stars
I HAVE A WHITE 2011 FJ WITH A LOT OF ENHANCEMENTS : Leveling Kit, TRD Cold Air, Magna Flo Exhaust, 285 NITTOS, + all sorts of cosmetic ad ons. Without question my most recent goodie, a birthday present from my children, is the best the SPRINT BOOSTER. I totally like the ability to hook-up whatever power the stock motor has to offer without waiting for OEM electronics to tell it to go. The BOOSTER certainly does that and at the same time makes it fun to drive.

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