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Black Anodized Fuel Filler Door Cover, Aluminum; 07-14 FJ Cruiser

Mark Coupe
A few small issues which I've already emailed to the manufacturer. Do yourself a favor and replace two of the nuts with wing nuts for installation inside the body panel. Much easier to hold onto and tighten than regular nuts. Second, put a couple of rubber or fiber washers on outside between the nut and body (to protect from scratches). In that same vein, if you've got some way to over the threaded studs to protect from scratches that would be helpful too. Just in struggling to get the inside hardware on, I dropped the damn thing and in catching it manged to scratch my paint a bit. Lastly, while you're getting the wing nuts you may want to pick up spares of everything else. I have pretty big hands and kept dropping shit into the body. Grrrr.

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